Franchise Consulting

Professional Guidance in Selecting a Franchise


I help you navigate the minefield of franchise opportunities by narrowing the choices down to businesses that will really fit with your life goals. Many people seeking to learn about franchising are quickly frustrated by the search. This isn’t surprising as the search for a compatible franchise business is typically done backwards. By starting with a business concept and trying to fit the person into the concept.


I take a completely different approach, my focus is on YOU and your goals.


By using a values profile specifically designed for the franchise industry with 20 years of experience behind it and an in-depth personal interview we can really figure out together what it is you truly desire in your future business. Using this information, I can then present you with franchise business concepts that “Fit” best with who you are.

  • Are you really looking for a passive business
  • Perhaps you want to positively impact the lives of others
  • Do you need a daily challenge to feel alive
  • Are you an empire or legacy builder